Kettlebell 101

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If you are brand new to kettlebells, this is the training program is for you.

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Kettlebell 101 Includes:

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Jeff Sokol

Kettlebell 101

Kettlebell 101 is a step-by-step program that takes someone who’s potentially never even held a Kettlebell, and teaches the skills to make you ready to be safe and stronger in your journey to strength.

If you are brand new to kettlebells, this training program is for you.

Kettlebell 101 is designed with with idea that you’ve got to crawl before you walk, you’ve gotta walk before you run. So this course includes a four week program to help build your kettlebell swing one step at a time:

After you’ve built your skills, this program includes two full workouts that starts with a nice mobility warmup. After the workouts we finished with a nice little cool down.

I know there’s a lot of people out there that are interested in kettlebells and they’re still kind of on the fence because they really don’t know how to get started.

Kettlebell 101 breaks that down and takes away the fears. It’s stackable. You can stay within this program as long as you need to. If you’ve been looking to get into kettlebells, this is it.

7 Reviews for Kettlebell 101

“Very impressed with the integrity, no bullshit approach and most importantly the knowledge and careful instruction for this beginner. Alway been a bit "intimidated" by Kettlebells... this will greatly help me get over THAT!! I look forward to learning more and getting stronger! Thanks”
“The best instruction I've seen on the basics and fundamentals of KB training. I was inspired by your story Jeff and how you used the KB as the tool to recover from a dark place in your life. I too was a Marine in Somalia in 1993 and am pretty confident we probably chewed some of the same ground. Thanks for an exceptional value as well, the price is definitely right for all you get with this instruction.”
“I've only had the kettlebell 101 workout for a few days but I like it a lot. I like Jeff's approach of working on perfecting thee movements as opposed to just lifting weight. It's kind of a zen or tai chi vibe to it that works for me.”
“Excellent program! Love the teaching style and ease of instruction! Has improved my swing and I have used it to teach others! Hope to see advanced videos in the future.”
“Kettlebell 101 is the best set of instructional videos for the Hardstyle Kettlebell Swing and the TGU, that I came across so far. It doesn't matter if you're completely new to kettlebells or a seasoned practioner, you will benefit from KB 101. I consider "Simple & Sinister" as one of the best routines ever, but after watching KB101 I would recommend that everyone who wants to run S&S should spend some time with KB101 first, because it will build a nice foundation. Jeff's way of presenting the material is really professional, refreshing and easy to follow. Even though I'm definitely not new to kettlebells, I will spend the next couple of months with KB101 to improve my swing and TGU!”
“Hey Brother, I wanted to let you know I purchased Sokol Strong - Kettlebell 101 last night. I started watching and utilizing the Instruction this morning. You and Brian are AWESOME. Jeff, You are a Phenomenal Teacher. I look forward to learning from this program and reaching the physical and strength goals that have been alluding me most of my life. Thanks for this Blessing and being a Great Friend 💪🤓❤️”
“Kettlebell 101 is a really concise, no BS course for the two-handed KB swing (2H swing) and the turkish get-up (TGU). I have purchased the course because I have started the infamous "Simple and Sinister"program and was looking for a good video instruction to the moves. Cons: I am not sure if a complete beginner would understand all clues and hints. It would probably be good to read a classic such as "Kettlebell Simple and Sinister" by Pavel Tsatsouline. Other than that I love Jeff's direct teaching style and his authentic interaction with Brian. He and Brian exhibit brilliant technique. The drills and cues are really helpful and to the point. I have used the first to sessions and they have already improved my technique. I have skimmed through the other instructional videos and I was impressed by the clear logic of the progressions. The workout sections start with a very thorough and well rounded warmup that seems to be in line with the teachings of Original Strength. I have watched quite a few instructional videos but this series stands out.”